Finnish hound: breed standard, character, health (+ photo)
The Finnish Hound is a universal hunting dog, but it can only work in warm weather.
How old do cats grow?
To what age do British cats grow, cat height
The size and physiological maturation of animals depend on a large number of different factors. To know for sure
Black and white cat: features, color varieties, list of bicolor breeds
Black and white cat: features, color varieties, list of bicolor breeds
Nature has endowed cats with a huge variety of colors. Against the background of a wide color palette, the contrasting
Russian piebald hound - a bloodhound of Anglo-Russian blood
It's no secret that the main entertainment of the aristocratic nobility in tsarist Russia was
Time for SPA treatments - rating TOP 14 baths for washing dogs and cats
Most pet lovers prefer to buy dog ​​beds in stores or online. However
Description of the blue Mednovsky fox
Description of Mednovsky Blue Arctic Fox from the Red Book
The name Mednovsky Arctic fox is associated with Medny Island, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea.
Kennels for dogs of the East European Shepherd breed in Moscow
VeoVita dog kennel. East European Shepherd Take the Attention Test! Find 10 differences! (click directly
Labrador - information about the breed, main colors, character, feeding and education + 78 photos
Initially, the Labrador Retriever served people as an assistant in hunting and finding game, but now the cute large
History of the dog breed
Sealyham Terrier - 110 photos, pros, cons, characteristics and nuances of raising the breed
History of the breed The breed originates from Wales, Great Britain. In this place the main industry
Dachshund dog: breed characteristics, temperament characteristics, hereditary diseases
Detailed characteristics of the Shar Pei breed. Photos of adult dogs
This breed of dog is considered the most amazing and most mysterious. Moreover, if earlier
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