Types of dermatitis in dogs: what they look like and how to treat them
Dermatitis in dogs is a very common disease classified as allergic, which can be
The dog's limbs swell and become swollen
Pododermatitis in dogs: causes, treatment and prevention methods
When taking a dog into your home, you need to be prepared for a lot of hassle, both pleasant and
Flies gnaw on a dog's ears: what to do and how to treat them
With the onset of spring, not only people enjoy the gentle sun and green grass,
Demodicosis in dogs: symptoms and manifestations, treatment and consequences
Many people know about ixodid ticks that carry piroplasmosis, but about their closest relatives (microscopic
Doesn't eat or drink - the dog refuses to eat: reasons, what to do and how to help the pet?
Dirty or foreign The puppy may refuse to eat from the bowl if it feels foreign
The dog has a stomach cramp
The dog has colic: intestinal, liver, kidney, stomach
Even experienced breeders often encounter health problems with their pets that put them at risk.
Intestinal obstruction in a dog - diagnosis and treatment
Symptoms of intestinal obstruction in dogs and methods of treatment
Intestinal obstruction is a syndrome characterized by partial or complete disruption of the movement of contents through the digestive tract.
Vakderm for cats and cats
How the Vakderm vaccine is used to protect dogs from fungal diseases
Save the article: Infections that affect the skin, fur and claws of a cat are much easier to prevent than
The dog has a boil
How to treat boils in a dog: Description and Review + Video
In order to recognize and identify the symptoms of your beloved pet’s disease in time, it is worthwhile to contact
Dog in heat wearing a skirt
Purulent discharge from the dog’s urethra: what to do, causes and treatment
Dogs constantly lick the external genitalia, so if there is discharge, the owner of the animal will not immediately
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