What is a dog’s pedigree: examples and procedure for registration
The pedigree for a dog is represented by an official document, which is necessary to confirm the fact of thoroughbred. IN
Why does a dog's fur turn red?
Why does my dog ​​have red paws - find out the reasons
The dog's fur turns red. This problem is faced not only by owners of snow-white four-legged animals, but
12/08/2017 How to stop a puppy from whining at night: 8 ways
Whining is a fairly common occurrence that every pet breeder has encountered. Such behavior
Dog grooming: what is it, what is it for, what procedures does it include, where is it carried out?
Rules for keeping dogs at home include not only healthy, nutritious food and regular
castration of dogs (females and males): indications and contraindications
Dog after sterilization - features of behavior changes, feeding and care
Sterilizing a dog allows you to get rid of many negative aspects associated with the onset of sexual estrus.
Dewclaws in dogs. Do you need to get rid of a vestige?
The wolf's claw is a rudiment in a dog that represents the fifth toe. Dewclaws
dog eats
Dry dog ​​food "Hills": composition, types, reviews
When purchasing a dog, owners are faced with the problem of choosing food. After deciding to feed your dog ready-made
Runny nose in dogs: cause of the problem, treatment options
Even with careful care, a dog can get sick. The pet's body is incredibly sensitive - it is receptive
Darling cat food reviews from veterinarians
Darling cat food: composition, reviews from veterinarians
Composition The main ingredient in Darling cat food is cereals - a source of carbohydrates.
Mating dogs: rules and features of mating pets
How to prepare a bitch for breeding? Puberty in dogs occurs between 8 -
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