Black German Shepherd - description of the breed, behavior and maintenance of a black German Shepherd

History of the black German Shepherd breed

The history of the German Black Shepherd began more than a hundred years ago. The black German was bred back in the nineteenth century in Germany. In this country it is considered a national symbol and pride.

According to the generally accepted official version, all smooth-haired dogs are natural descendants of the wild Indian wolf and purebred agile dogs. These pets served as sheep shepherds (hence the name) and guards.

Dark color is a recessive trait inherent in the genes of German representatives of any color. Black offspring can also be born to black-haired parents.

Description of the breed and character of the black German Shepherd

The characteristics and parameters of a black German are practically no different from representatives of other colors. They have such qualities as:

  • calm;
  • equilibrium;
  • patience;
  • devotion and willingness to give his life for the owner. And the dog doesn’t care about the size of the enemy at all. Even if it looks many times larger, the dog will rush to defense without thinking;
  • good attitude towards other animals in the house;
  • alertness and vigilance.

The black German Shepherd does not show aggression, is affectionate and hardworking. She will not bark for no reason or wander aimlessly. Each of her actions is thoughtful and specific.

Who is the German Shepherd dog ideal for?

“Germans,” as well as other shepherd dogs (Caucasian, Eastern European, Central Asian), are characterized by mobility and endurance, and therefore require regular physical activity. Such pets will become great athletes in the future. Owners should not forget about upbringing and training: after all, the German Shepherd is a large representative with a set of certain skills.

These facts indicate that the owner of a four-legged friend must pay enough attention to his dog, engaging in walking, educational issues, and training. Undoubtedly, a dog of this breed is suitable for active, dynamic, self-confident people.

The ideal home for a pet is a private house with a spacious local area. The dog will be able to move comfortably along it. However, if the owner is able to provide it with the necessary load, the animal can easily fit in the apartment.

Standards for the Dark German Shepherd breed

The black German smooth-haired shepherd is very easy to recognize: a uniform deep color without spots, a stately posture and a strong chest. The requirements for the reference representative exclude wavy hair and snow-white color.

What should a black German Shepherd look like?

The “standard” of a purebred representative of black color is considered to be a dog with the following characteristics:

  • rectangular powerful body, pronounced muscularity;
  • “mane” on the back of the head, on the chest;
  • hanging tail with a deflection;
  • rounded paws with darkened claws;
  • wedge-shaped structure of the muzzle;
  • brown eye color. The eyes themselves have an almond-shaped cut;
  • protruding triangular ears and a few other features.

What types of black German shepherds are there?


It can be purely black, fluffy, with a weak undercoat and protruding fur on the ears and tail. She looks incredibly impressive. A long-haired representative of the black color is born even from smooth-haired parents. They shed more, so they require regular brushing.


The black shorthaired shepherd has denser hair. The advantage of shorthaired dogs is that they shed much less frequently and less. But they also require combing.

Dimensions and weight of a German Shepherd dog

Adult females reach a height of 55 to 60 centimeters at the withers, and usually weigh 30-32 kilograms. Males are larger: their height is from 60 to 65 centimeters, and their weight is from 30 to 42 kilograms.

Breed marriage

Representatives of black color dogs with the following obvious signs do not fit the pure “standard”:

  • light spots on the chest or elsewhere;
  • wavy hair;
  • not brown eyes;
  • white color

How much does a German Shepherd puppy cost?

Of course, the cost varies depending on whether a German Shepherd puppy is purchased in Moscow or in the region. Nevertheless, there is average information:

  1. A puppy with an excellent pedigree is promising both for protection and for a sports/show career. Such babies cost from 1 to 10 thousand dollars, or from 60 to 600 thousand rubles.
  2. German Shepherd puppies, which, at the owner’s request, can be given a pedigree, or it will not be a club one, in other words, does not have all-Russian significance, are estimated from 300 to 600 dollars, or from 18 to 36 thousand rubles.
  3. A puppy that does not have documents will cost approximately 1-2 hundred dollars, or from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. At the same time, in this situation no one will guarantee that the dog will be healthy and purebred.

Maintenance and care of a black German Shepherd

Not only its upbringing and development, but also its life expectancy depends on how much time and work the owner puts into his pet.

Raising, training and intelligence of a dog

The Black German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent four-legged dogs. Of course, the owner’s participation plays a key role in its development. Without proper training, your pet's intellectual potential will not be revealed. It is necessary to engage in training starting from two to three months of age.

Many courses have been developed to teach your dog certain skills and tricks. Among the commands that can be taught to a black German Shepherd are:

  1. “You can’t” or “Ugh.”
  2. “Near” or “Toe.”
  3. "Sit".
  4. "Lie".
  5. "Aport" and so on.

In order for the training of a black German Shepherd to be successful, certain rules have been established:

  1. We must be persistent. It is necessary to ensure that the dog ultimately fulfills the command that is required of him. Encouragement is also important. It's a piece of food or verbal praise.
  2. There is no need to require the dog to perform new commands until it learns to clearly and accurately carry out the previous ones.
  3. You need to try to be understandable for your pet. Take consistent and predictable actions.
  4. You can't deceive or joke. In this case, the owner may lose the trust of his dog.
  5. There is no need to exercise until the dog is in satisfactory condition. Stress and physical and emotional overload of the four-legged animal should not be allowed.
  6. You need to give commands confidently. Don’t hesitate and don’t mutter under your breath. Speak loudly, clearly and strictly.
  7. Move from simple to complex. Until the dog masters one stage, do not move on to the next.
  8. Use encouragement correctly. Give your pet a treat only after the exact execution of a command or trick. A complete lack of rewards will quickly lead to a German Shepherd losing interest in training and learning.

Caring for a black German Shepherd

Proper care is the key to a long and happy life for your pet. Concerns will require:

  1. Wool. During the molting period, you need to comb your pet daily. If the dog lives in an enclosure, you need to bathe him once every two months (but provided that he is very dirty, otherwise he needs to be washed even less often).
  2. Teeth. Black German Shepherds, like most other four-legged dogs, are prone to developing tartar and plaque. To prevent this, you will need a dog brush and toothpaste. If your dog refuses to be cleaned, you should try giving him cleansing tablets. When he chews them, they clean his teeth.
  3. Ears. You should check your ears regularly. If a build-up of sulfur appears, it needs to be cleaned. Long-haired pets need to remove fur from their ears.
  4. Eyes. The four-legged dog needs to have a solution instilled into its eyes to maintain their health and moisture. Only the veterinarian can prescribe which solution should be dripped.
  5. Claws. To cut them you need to buy a nail clipper. For a purebred quadruped, the sickle-shaped one is better suited. You need to carefully cut off the excess length of the claws without touching the pink part. If the claws are dark, you need to look at them from below. The “live” part will be light in color. If you accidentally wound your paw and start bleeding, you should immediately treat it with hydrogen peroxide.

Feeding the dog

You can feed either prepared food or natural products. In the first case, preference should be given to the premium or super-premium class. This is due to the fact that budget food does not contain a sufficient amount of useful microelements and is often made from questionable raw materials.

Well-proven dry foods include:

  1. Royal Canin. At the beginning of its activity, this French brand produced food specifically for German shepherds.
  2. Purina ProPlan. The company also produces super-premium food and develops unique lines of medicinal food.
  3. "Farmina", "Acana". These are holistic, that is, ecological and the healthiest foods. They never contain chemical food additives, dyes or preservatives. However, they are even more expensive than super-premium food.

Important feeding rules have been established for natural pets:

  • avoid overeating and undereating. You need to clearly measure the portion. In particular, before vigorous physical activity (overeating threatens intestinal volvulus). Veterinarians recommend feeding your dog after a walk;
  • There is no need to give your pet pork and lamb. Such meat is poorly and difficult to digest, and is even a carrier of canine distemper;
  • Protein should be the basis of the diet. But this does not mean that the animal should be fed exclusively meat. You can't do that. It is necessary to add fermented milk products with a low fat content (kefir, natural yogurt) to the menu;
  • you need to feed twice a day at the same time, based on your pet’s daily routine;
  • change drinking water daily, wash the bowl;
  • prohibited foods: milk, legumes, sweet and flour products, salt (and other seasonings and spices), cereals (except rolled oats).

Walking with a German Shepherd

A black German Shepherd should be allowed to walk outside every day for at least two hours. Usually this time is divided into two walks: morning and evening. You can play with her or train and reinforce learned commands.

You don't need to give your dog anything to eat from the ground and make sure he doesn't get hurt. Avoid contact with stray stray dogs, as they are often carriers of various diseases.

If a black four-legged animal lives in an enclosure and has independent free access to the local area, this does not cancel regular and long walks with it.

Pet vaccinations

The very first vaccination takes place at two months of age. The baby is vaccinated against a whole range of diseases: enteritis, plague, adenovirosis, leptospirosis, etc. A month later, a booster vaccination is given against the same diseases.

At six to eight months of age, a black German Shepherd is vaccinated against rabies. Revaccination is required annually.

Before vaccination, it is recommended to give your dog an anthelmintic a week before. On the day of the vaccine, the veterinarian should take his temperature and carefully examine him.

Dog mating

To breed a purebred representative of the suit, it is important to prepare in advance. To select a male black German shepherd, you need to study his pedigree, look at photographs in order to maximally predetermine the physiological characteristics of the offspring (i.e., select the phenotype).

There is no need to breed individuals of obviously different sizes. This can lead to disproportionate body shapes in future children (eg large head combined with small body, etc.).

It is also important to take age into account. If you breed a too young black female with a sufficiently old male, then there is a high risk that the offspring will be “defective”.

If a black German Shepherd girl gives birth more than once, you need to pay attention to earlier offspring. This also applies to males. This will make it possible to determine which trait is inherited by children.

Shepherd and child

The black German Shepherd loves children very much. They will quickly find a common language with each other and become friends. An adult dog will never offend a child, even if he tries to piss her off. However, you still shouldn’t let your baby treat her like that. It is necessary to explain to the child that a German is a full-fledged member of the family, who also has needs and demands respect, and is not a toy that can be offended or beaten.

But it is better not to leave the puppy alone with the newborn. He may inadvertently cause him harm because he rejoices too much at each such meeting.

What affects the cost of a German Shepherd puppy?

It is quite possible to purchase a pet of this breed for either 3 thousand rubles or 300 thousand rubles. What does the cost consist of, and what factors can radically affect it? In the Russian Federation, the price range is determined by a number of factors:

  • dog's age;
  • origin;
  • standard features;
  • working qualities.

A puppy from titled parents who are of breeding value and have not previously had a litter with abnormalities will be more expensive.

If we talk about age, a teenage puppy will cost slightly less. It is valued less because it requires more effort in training, education, and training than kids. Quite often, nurseries that understand that an overgrown individual is not particularly beneficial for future breeding, give the pet away at a low cost. Meanwhile, an adult German Shepherd that has successfully completed training is a completely different matter. In this case, the price tag skyrockets significantly. Puppies that meet all standard characteristics are highly valued: conformation, posture, bite and other categories. Such small lumps can later receive the highest marks at various exhibition venues.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

The main advantages of a black German are:

  1. Fast learner. Germans are great at learning commands and learning different tricks.
  2. Intelligence. They are smart and quick-witted.
  3. Love for children and other pets.
  4. Unpretentious care, quick adaptation to any conditions.
  5. Not picky about food. The main thing is to balance the diet and feed at the same time.
  6. Devotion and fidelity.
  7. Protection of the owner from any stranger (and not only). The owner will be protected even from those who try to argue with him or raise their voice.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Large amount of lost hair. You will have to get used to cleaning the house every day.
  2. "Doggy" smell.
  3. Excessive energy. If you don’t give your pet enough time, he will begin to destroy everything that surrounds him.
  4. Damage to furniture and other things. This is true if your pet lives inside a house or apartment.
  5. Barking. The German's voice is quite loud and sonorous, so you'll have to get used to it.

How to choose a black German Shepherd puppy?

To make sure that the dog will be black, you need to buy it no earlier than two months of age. The eyes should be brown, not cloudy and clear. You need to carefully examine the baby and observe his behavior. She should not be scared and run away from people she does not know. Usually puppies are attracted to and interested in people from their very “infancy”.

In addition, you need to request documents from the seller: veterinary passport, information about vaccinations. It is worth noting the conditions of detention in which the baby was before the purchase. It is important that he is kept clean and well fed.

Do you need an aviary for a German Shepherd?

As a rule, in most cases, a large dog lives on the street. And she definitely needs to build an enclosure. You can do this yourself or contact the appropriate company. If you decide to build an enclosure yourself, then you must follow the rules:

  • can be used for construction metal or wood;
  • take into account the size of the pet. There is no need to make his enclosure too small or large. In a small one, the dog will feel cramped and uncomfortable, but in a large one, it will be cold, especially in autumn and winter.
  • Place bowls of food and water at the correct height;
  • The enclosure itself needs to be cleaned once or twice a day, and don’t forget to wash the bowls. Wet cleaning should be carried out at least once a week.

Where is the best place to buy a puppy?

Having learned about the characteristics of the breed, cost and other subtleties, have you decided to settle on a German shepherd?
Then you should start looking for a qualified breeder or nursery specializing in the specified breed. “Germans” are very popular, and it is quite possible to buy a baby with good inclinations even in a small town. Why are we targeting such options, and can’t we simply buy a shepherd dog based on an ad, on the Internet or on the market? First of all, nurseries and breeders value their own reputation, so they are not ready to lower the bar by selling low-quality litter. They know how to properly care for pets and monitor mating dates, excluding accidental relationships. In addition, experts begin early training of puppies, so as soon as the baby gets into your home, he will already know the basics of education.

These sellers will not disappear from the sight of the new owners and will always be happy to give recommendations regarding feeding, vaccinations, education and training of a beautiful and devoted friend.

When purchasing a dog from an advertisement, unfortunately, no one will give you a guarantee that the animal does not have defects or other abnormalities.

Where can I buy, prices for a German Shepherd puppy

You can buy a black German Shepherd puppy:

  • from professional breeders;
  • in specialized nurseries;
  • on online platforms. Among the popular ones are Avito and Yula.

You need to beware of fraud and carefully check all documentation, vaccination card and passport. If the seller cannot provide any supporting documents and sells the puppy second-hand, the likelihood of running into a scammer is very high.

The cost depends on the class (show, breed or pet), growing conditions, pedigree and availability of documents. The price starts from 20 thousand rubles and above. For example, a black show-class representative with a full package of documents and a good pedigree will cost at least 50 thousand rubles.

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